The CertiLingua Documents are the framework of the CertiLingua programme. There are two categories : Resolutions of the CertiLingua Annual Conference and Additional Documents.

1. Resolutions of the CertiLingua Annual Conference 

The Resolutions are passed unanimously by the CertiLingua Annual Conference, at which only the official representative of the CertiLingua Member States are entitled to vote. The unanimous resolutions ensure a joint understanding of the label, its aims and standards. They are binding for all Member States.

2. Additional Documents 

They provide further information and assistance regarding the CertiLingua programme, but are not binding.

CertiLingua Compendium

All official documents are displayed in the CertiLingua Compendium.



1. General information – Getting an idea of the programme
CertiLingua Programme Description resolution The program and its goals explained in detail.
CertiLingua Organisation Chart resolution An overview of the network’s organizational structure.
Awarding Criteria and Measures of Quality Control resolution The detailed requirements and standards for students / schools  
2. The “HEART” of CertiLingua: the face-to-face project and its documentation
document type
CertiLingua Standards of Excellence in Intercultural Competences resolution The CertiLingua Network’s unique standards.
Students’ Guidelines for Project Documentation resolution A framework for the project documentations
Checklist for Project Documentations resolution An overview of the requirements of the face-to-face projects
Guidelines for the Tutors resolution The guidelines support the tutors in counseling their CertiLingua candidates
3. Forms
document type
Planning Dossier for students resolution A tool for planning and documenting the process of the label’s acquisition at school. download
Application Form for Schools resolution Filling in the application form is required in order to become a CertiLingua School  download
Feedback Form for Schools resolution The form that must to be filled in annually by the schools download
Memorandum of Understanding resolution The official document confirming the country’s official participation


Evaluation Report for Member States resolution The form for each country’s annual feedback to the International Steering Group download
CertiLingua Certificate resolution The Certificate awarded to CertiLingua graduates. It documents their achievements within the CertiLingua programme.